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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Honda, an alternate name of Technology and Innovation , the dream of one man Soichiro Honda. The Honda Jazz, The Best Car for India

Honda Jazz

Why serious when you can smile? Why plan when you can be spontaneous, carefree with a hum or sing a song with a comfortable and safety drive.
The Honda Motor Company , the brain child of Soichiro Honda and his dream was personal mobility for everyone. He founded the Honda Motor Company in 1948. In the same year, he designed and engineered the first product - a 50 cc motorised bike on a bicycle frame - in his small shed at Hamamatsu.
'Challenging the Limits' is a common and popular target of its founder, Soichiro Honda, to keep one step ahead from all other competitors and in order to survive.

Honda's Vision
Soichiro's vision towards technology was international in character. And its signifies that most of the products of Honda has arrived with making a difference. Whether it was the CVCC engine in the sixties or the solar powered car of the nineties, they all have in lead in their fields.
The Honda has kept emerged in motor sports, from where his engineers learnt to accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible within limited amounts of time. They become quicker at responding to the technological challenges that arise in the commercial world. For the purpose the company has invested millions of dollars in building two world-class racing circuits.

In the matter of innovation Honda is achieved in the development of the world's first humanoid robot. Christened ASIMO, it is designed on the presumption that if a robot could walk like a human on two legs, it may be able to work like one. Honda is also taking to the skies with its very own aircraft technology. It took a 30-man team only six years to develop a prototype. Typical of Honda, the project leader was not quite 30 years of age when the experimental aircraft was first unveiled in 1993. Together, these diverse ideas prove the one central maxim that is dear to everyone at Honda - Challenging the Limits.

HondaJet is an advanced light jet with revolutionary technology and design attributes that help it achieve far better fuel efficiency achieving its limit of 43,000 feet , (420knot), more available cabin and luggage space, and higher cruise speed of 778km/h than conventional aircraft in its class.

Not surprisingly, millions of people worldwide often respond to Honda's spirit of innovation with a sense of delight and amazement. Honda's obsession for technology that continuously improves upon the performance and safety of all Honda vehicles is what sets it apart from other names in the car industry.
Honda jazz, a Car to your life, which is the melody that flows in the veins of Honda’s youngest one. When it was first launched in Japan and has swept automotive awards across the world including the "Japan Car of the Year 2008". Topping the list is the most recent ‘Japan car of the year’ award, which the new Jazz won in the year 2007-2008. 10 Best by Car and Driver (USA) won in the year 2007. You can share the global recognition the Jazz has received till date with a Honda Jazz.
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