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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hindustan Motors a Top Indian Car Manufacturer since 1942 with a patriotic name of Ambassador

Hindustan Motors Ltd. is the first Indian Car Company who started production In India in 1942. In course of time become a vast company, manufacturing cars like the strong Ambassador in 1957, the well-designed Contessa, and in collaboration with Mitsubishi of Japan now manufacturing the new Mitsubishi Lancer. It started production of the
Landmaster in 1954
Ambassador in 1957
Ambassador Mark 2 in 1963
Ambassador Nova was brought out in 1990
Ambassador 1800 ISZ in 1993
Hindustan Motors tied-ups with General Motors Corporation of USA, Vauxhall Motors, UK, Marion Power Shovel Co, USA led to lunch new products in India. Since then, it is in top list of Indian car manufacturer, now the company has entered in manufacturing Passenger Cars, Utility Vehicles, Power Products and Earthmoving Equipment.
The manufacturing facilities of the company are spread across India: Uttarpara in West Bengal, Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh, Thiruvallur and Hosur in Tamil Nadu, and Pondicherry. The latest model, Mitsubishi Lancer, is manufactured with the state - of - the - art manufacturing facility at Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu. Increasing in Number of Manufacturer with varieties of Sophisticated Models and dropping in sales made the company to look out for newer models, and hence the new Ambassador Nova was brought out in 1990, and in 1993 the company launched the Ambassador 1800 ISZ.
Though the sturdy Ambassador does not find increasing numbers of owners in India, as peoples today influenced by modernization looking to more fancy cars, its export has been steadily increasing, mainly in the British and Japanese markets. Trucks are being exported to Bangladesh, Egypt, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. The Earth moving Equipments are being exported to Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Mauritius and Libya.
To streamline the after sales service, three divisions have been made, namely red, blue and green. The Red will handle the new Mitsubishi Lancer, Blue, the Ambassador and Contessa Classic, while the Green caters to the rural market with the Trekker and the HM RTV.
All the cars manufactured by Hindustan Motors conform to Euro - 1emission norms. This could be achieved by the upgrading of the Ambassador 1800 ISZ with multi - point fuel injection.

More over the Company is established and continued to provide its services as a Rastradutta as its brand name of Ambassador.
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